Monday, December 14, 2009

{I just HAD to go}

Word to the wise: do not, I repeat, do not wander into Anthropologie 2 weeks after you've had a c-section just because you think you're feelin' good - it's a hoax, I tell you, your body is plain tricking you, and you will pay dearly for that divine scented candle and metallic woolen scarf. Lay low, stay home, light the're so much better off shopping online (if you're me, that is).
It had been 2 very long weeks since my last visit to my favorite shop of holiday wonder. Granted, I was busy having a baby, bringing baby home, figuring out life with a baby, but still, I was like a junkie and I needed my Anthro fix. I must have overdone it though, because for the last 2 days I've been in agony, every stitch aches and the stairs to my bedroom seem to have become steeper. Oh the things we do for a little retail therapy...


Katherine Lee said...

I hear you about the Anthro fix! For now, rest up, and enjoy the peace and quiet when it comes! Congratulations again, she's beautiful!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

The Little Miss said...

she is seriously a little doll...sooo perfect and so little! Congrats!!! You have such a beautiful blog! I have enjoyed my visit!

Come check out my blog when you have a second! I have a really fun giveaway going on and a new one every monday! So be sure to follow me :)

Ivy said...

Anthro is worth it. I don't have one so I can only online shop. The store is so much more fun.
Heal quickly

Sarah Engel said...

addiction! haha. I hope you are feeling well. your baby is precious. congratulations. xo

Rosalie said...