Thursday, April 23, 2009

vintage {style} sunglasses

There are so many inexpensive sunglasses out this season - how great to throw a pair into your beach bag and not worry about scratches! 1top left, 2 early dusk, 3 top down shades, 4 square frame


Kelly said...

LOVE all of these! i'm a sucker for large sunglasses. to date my favorite pair cost about $5 and were from forever21. :)


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

exactly my philosophy and these are all fabulous!

Karyn said...

My last pair of "throw-away" sunglasses bit the dust so I headed over to Target for a new pair. They were all HUGE and funky but I really needed some so I just decided to embrace it and am so happy I did! I have large frame, turquoise and gold frames and they are perfect.