Monday, January 24, 2011

{can't resist} spring goods

The hubby & I are trying to focus on a few things this year: the start of my business and saving some money (one of the  two will be really fun!). Problem is, when Spring peeks around the corner I just can't help but crave a few new goodies...

green dress • it's hammered silk, I bought it without hesitation and it has spring~dinner party fun written all over it.
strappy booties • whyeeeeee do these small bits of perfection need to be $425?? I can only hope for a (really big) sale on these puppies.
ruffle jacket • is there any reason not to own this sweet cropped number?! paired with jeans & worn boots...ok, have to stop, I have goosebumps.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

oh, hello there {again!}

Well hello there, beautiful blog friends! It's me, Amber, your old friend who loves yellow, the smell of candles on a rainy day, and most of all, the ever inspiring people like you. I took a wee hiatus, mostly oohing+ahhing over my baby who is now not quite a baby anymore at one, but a little person with all kinds of delicious words and thoughts of her own. It's heaven I tell you, I am truly addicted to all things Layla.
However...I have been finding some time to design, as in fun/graphic/nature-inspired paper goodies that I will share with you soon.
Today I'm off to pick up some maidenhair ferns to add some springtime greenery pep to the dark corners of my home. How have you been? I missed you! xo

photo by Anna Kern via Sarah's Fab Day