Monday, December 31, 2007

a Magic Garden {of our very own}

Physics, you ask? No, it's the Magic Garden!

We got this for Ruby for Christmas (a breath of fresh air amidst the Barbie mayhem and plastic packaging. Just mix the ingredients in the kit and pour. Within a few hours the trees and flowers will begin to bud and you will see them grow and snow on the mountain before your very eyes. The best part...its all made of paper!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have a confession.

I have a confession to make: my middle name is Blythe.

Growing up, I thought it was the worst name ever, I told my parents it sounded like "blech" and "barf" and why, oh why couldn't they have given me a name like Julie or Jennifer. I told people it was anything but Blythe. Then I took it one step further - I had it legally changed. Headed to Europe one summer, I had it legally changed on my passport to Blake. Fresh from watching the the super 90's movie "Less Than Zero", I thought that name was cooler than cool. Now that I'm older I can't believe how much effort I put into this, I mean, so many people don't even have a middle name.

These are Blythe dolls, a big craze in Japan and now collectors items, and big Ebay finds...wonder if they ever tried to change their name?

Friday, December 28, 2007

{happy friday}

kick your feet up! here's to the last weekend of 2007, back on Monday.

under the weather.

ughhh. I've got a sniffly sneezy achy kind of cold. My only inspirations I could offer today would be for soft tissues, an array of medicinal teas, and very cozy jammies. more when I'm better...

non-ugly tissue boxes by Lotta Jansdotter

Sunday, December 23, 2007

letterpress calendar

The other night, my friend Rosalie wowed us all with this gorgeous letterpress calendar she bought on Etsy. I know there are loads of these circulating around right now, but this one was worth the mention - the colors & design are beautiful.

food as art {and to eat}

Once in a while, in the blogosphere, I stumble on a rare find like Proeff,
a food design company in Amsterdam. They create visual displays with
food, and the outcome is just really really beautiful. My favorite has
to be the garden cress growing out of the jeans, oh, and those mini salads in paper cones are kind of genius, too.

Friday, December 21, 2007

merry christmas, everyone

to you and your families, have the merriest of holidays!

our holiday card

We went with the silly shot, it's just so us, the posed ones looked too stodgy. It's always so hard to design your own things...other jobs I'll do and be done with it. When it's for my own use, it's a whole other story. I must have changed this card and label 10 times before finishing and going to print. But alas, our holiday cards have all gone out, and boy have they been pouring in! I love checking the mailbox after work each evening, it's like reaching into a prize box.

Pantone's Color of the Year

And the award goes to....B L U E.

According to the execs at Pantone, "Blue Iris brings together the dependable aspects of blue, underscored by a strong, soul-searching purple cast. Emotionally, it is anchoring and meditative with a touch of magic.” These color forecasters seems to be pretty right on, they influence fashion, graphics, textiles and design industries. I'm down with blue, especially that pretty Artisan Blue at Banana Republic right's downright gorgeous.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

a very white christmas

I am L O V I N G this entire winter white thing right now, it's almost addicting. I love all the shades of whites together mixed with a bit of holiday sparkle, and how adorable are these meringue trees?!
Image from Domino magazine.

all wrapped & tagged

deeeeep sigh of relief. All presents are oficially wrapped, tagged and under the tree. I made these little tags at the last minute, I needed something bold that you could really see through all the piles of gifts. 5 days and counting...

nice to meet you, Frock Shop.

This was a fun bit of discovery today The Frock Shop, based in Seattle, has some gorgeous clothing in their online store and g r e a t prices as well.

brussel sprouts are SO tasty {really!}

This recipe is tried & true, it's a success, even for those who don't like brussel sprouts. Last Christmas my mother-in-law, who can't stand the brussel sprout, said "...and who made those greens? they're delicious!" next thing you know, she's a convert. Give 'em a try...the pancetta really does the trick, and they only need to be cooked for a very short time, (other wise they get soggy and don't stay green). Happy cooking.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

birds in branches

I dog-eared this page the moment the new Sunset graced my lap...this idea is so nice on a mantle or a smaller version on the dining table.
Different color stories would also be fun, shades or gold, winter whites or brilliant jewel tones. Add birds or butterflies (find these at the major Craft stores) for an organic touch. My friends Alex has one on her mantle that is filled with birds & silvery balls, so much fun!

Baked Ornaments

This would be a fun kid project and would make a great little gift for a teacher or neighbor. Instructions here.

mid century sofa

We are rearranging our bedroom to incorporate a large flat screen TV (please note: NOT my idea). This will open up a whole wall that might look nice with a seating area. This mid century sofa is just right, I love it & want it. Not sure if I should wait until and after X-mas sale though...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

happy birthday {melissa jade}

To my sweet cousin, Melissa Jade, who is teaching her first year at a NYC public school and is in the throws of planning her beautiful wedding next summer. h a p p y birthday to you!

{gifts} pretty & unique

Last minute gifts for your frieds, or for any women that love unique, fun things! All from the wonderful, handmade world of Etsy.


fancy face pouch

red cloche hat

stamped mug

Monday, December 17, 2007

brain candy

"you're exactly where you're supposed to be"

This is what my yoga teacher said as we lay in the most relaxing of all the positions, shavasana - the pose of rest. It was so refreshing to hear, most of the time I lay in this pose making a mental list of what I'll do next, where to go, errands to run, who to see, appointments I forgot to make, bills to pay, and on & on & on. It was so simple and nice to hear, and from that point on my mind stopped, I was in a half sleep/half dreamy state. Now, if only I can get back there...

They're Back!

You just can't help but crack a smile driving past these jolly little men at Cornerstone in Sonoma. There's just so many, they cascade up and over the hill. The Three Hundred Snowmen installation first appeared in 2004 to the surprise and delight of Sonoma residents. Choreographed by noted designer David Allen, who unearthed the collection of jolly happy souls during a scavenging foray.

cheer up!

Cheer up in these cheery knit pom-pom slippers from Juicy Couture. These colors are just so good, makes shuffling 'round the house just a little more fun.

Paradise Found {in Bali}

Years ago, I went to Bali with my mom on a yoga retreat and I'll never forget it. We stayed in Ubud, an artist colony and town thriving with culture, color and the happiest people. The new Cookie magazine has a feature on a family living in Bali that has left me speechless, I can't seem to close the magazine or even move on to the next article, it's so inspiring and full of beauty.

John and Cynthia Hardy arrived in Bali three decades ago as hippie travelers. Now, along with their two daughters, they're living in a home of open-air rooms and play spaces among the trees. With their national jewelry business, they keep an apartment in New York, so they do have plenty of time living the "city life" while keeping the homestead in peaceful Bali.

The fabrics and the architecture used are simply amazing, don't you think?
I hope to do something as carefree and adventurous as this oneday!

Friday, December 14, 2007

{happy friday}

inhale. exhale. Try to find a quiet moment for yourself amidst the holiday hulabaloo this wekeend.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

ornaments on sale

I know it's best to wait until after the holidays are over to buy ornaments, but then these sweet little treasures
might be gone...on sale at Anthropologie right now, while the pickings are still prime.

pocket calendars {lost without 'em}

I am useless without my calendar, I must have one next to my phone at home and one in my purse (just like this one from Hable) at all times. Things come up, so be ready.
Green - from Barnes & Noble
yellow - from J.Crew
robin's egg blue - from paper source

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

for•like•ever {on my wishlist}

This poster has been a favorite of mine ever since it made it's debut on the Domino cover. The demand was so high for the pink/red version that they came out with a metallic gold version. I want this in our bedroom, the graphics are so happy.

a dreamy shopping experience

The last time I visited family in New York, I made the trip to ABC Carpet & Home, a six-floor warehouse style store filled to the brim with luxury goods. Mind you, this was pre-Anthropologie, so ABC seemed to have created a niche like no other. Worn hardwood floors creaking under your feet, glittering chandeliers and gigantic antique carpets adorn the high ceilings, European and Modern Vintage miscellany, and holiday vignettes everywhere. Oh how I'd love to do some holiday shopping there this season, or at least wander and get lost in there, I'm creating a wishlist in my mind...

the holiday face {it's all in the details}

Holidays parties are all about S P A R K L E, so put on some shine with your holiday cocktail dress this year.

Chantecaille Luminous Eye Liner
guerlain holiday forever gold - luminous body powder spray
plum eyeshadow palette from sephora
laura mercier lip gloss palette

the hoilday clutch {it's all in the details}

silver clutch - anya hindmarch
tortoise frame ruched clutch - urban outfitters
gold shimmer satin clutch - stuart weitzman
metallic clutch - forever 21

Stash your lipstick, credit card and ID and you're good to go. These holiday clutches are all so festive - a great way to spice up that little black dress.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

living gifts

It's Dcember 11th, getting down to the wire. I like this idea of giving living gifts, in case the holiday baking doesn't work out. This live succulent wreath is great year round.

Monday, December 10, 2007

{wishlist item}

Part of me is scared of this book, the other part wants to devour it. Sections include:

-Bitchin' Breakfasts
-PMS (Pissy Mood Snacks)
-Sassy Soups and Stews
-Grown-up Appetizers
-Comfort Cookin'
-Hearty Ass Sandwiches
-Happy Endings (Desserts)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I just love this {by Robert Ryan}

Lovely blue screenprint by Robert Ryan produced from a papercut stencil.
The text in the print reads, "I can't forget and I never will you smiled at me and from nothing something came. Now the world is new to me again I will remember still you smiled at me & now I dream a dream of good."

Saturday, December 8, 2007

the out takes

We had a "faux" photo shoot today (using the trusty tripod & self timer) trying to get the right shot for our holiday card. We may need to hire a professional...

a shopping weekend

Dave & I are going to try and get all of our holiday shopping done this weekend. Wish us luck, I don't think we'll be alone...

bathing beauties

This soap packaging from French Paper is just too beautiful not to mention - check out their full line of gorgeously wrapped goodies. Thanks to Black Eiffel for the inspiration!

Friday, December 7, 2007

ric rac {for wrap}

Using ric rac is a fun alternative to ribbon for wrapping all those Holiday gifts. True, not as bountiful as classic ribbon, but it adds a handcrafted touch.

happy birthday {honey}

To my husband, who has the biggest heart, the greenest eyes and the most patience of anyone I've ever known, H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

working my tail off.

I am just now starting our annual holiday card, which leaves me all of this weekend to finish. Been at the computer for 4 hours...verrrry sleeeepy. These cards may be a bit over the top, but it's the holidays, sooo I'm letting loose. Here's snippet of what's to come. Fa la la la la!

{oooh} candy cane cake

Can there be a more festive treat than this scrumptious candy cane cake? Angel food cake & fine candy cane dust bring this cake to new level of melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ReadyMade Letterpress DIY

Leave it to the trusty folks at Ready Made to show the crafters of the world how to lettepress! The step by step guide is very clear, and sounds like a super fun (and messy) project. I've been wondering about those Gocco printers for a while now, but maybe this will tide me over until I make the move to buy one.

happy hannukah!

to all of you who celebrate, have a very happy hannukah!

image from toast & tables/pottery barn menorah.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

rainy day movies

I don't have one of those vast movie collections, I personally own two movie DVD's, The Royal Tenenbaums & The Endless Summer (not including Ruby's 400 princess movies, of course). Today is a rainy, foggy, grey Bay Area day and all I can do it fantasize about cuddling up on my sofa with one of these movies.

Monday, December 3, 2007

holiday shoes {glitter & glamour}

J.Crew is absolutely the source for holiday shoes this season, the glittery Mary Janes and D'Orsay heels are pure glamour. The only problem will be deciding which ones to get...