Thursday, December 13, 2007

pocket calendars {lost without 'em}

I am useless without my calendar, I must have one next to my phone at home and one in my purse (just like this one from Hable) at all times. Things come up, so be ready.
Green - from Barnes & Noble
yellow - from J.Crew
robin's egg blue - from paper source


Kelly said...

i'm absolutely lose without my planner. for the past few years it's been Kate Spade.

Anonymous said...

I looooove planners! Unfortunately since becoming a full fledge teacher the only planner i really tote around is a HUGE (usually hideous) monthly-weekly planner/lesson planner/grade keeper/ address book. It's terrible but I can't justify getting something as nice as the green/yellow/blue ones when I have this workhorse!

As it stands I'm more in need of a FABULOUS (huge) bag for toting all their stuff back and forth...