Wednesday, December 19, 2007

mid century sofa

We are rearranging our bedroom to incorporate a large flat screen TV (please note: NOT my idea). This will open up a whole wall that might look nice with a seating area. This mid century sofa is just right, I love it & want it. Not sure if I should wait until and after X-mas sale though...


Anonymous said...

Hey Amber!

Love the couch - you probably never noticed but I have it in the living room - mine's in orange wool plaid, since it's the original version from the 50s! I keep threatening to recover it, and it looks so nice in white. I love it - the shape is so clean and perfect.

Anonymous said...

haha! that's our living room couch-color and all! We love the look SO much- BUT be warned.

For 480 bucks (which, to me, is alot-haha) it's pretty cheaply made. The sitting cushion does not hold it's shape well (we're constantly fluffing and re-fluffing) and it's not exactly a plop down and be comfy couch- more of a SIT on it couch.

Also the back is exposed black metal (uncovered=lame). Though it is removable for a single bed effect.