Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have a confession.

I have a confession to make: my middle name is Blythe.

Growing up, I thought it was the worst name ever, I told my parents it sounded like "blech" and "barf" and why, oh why couldn't they have given me a name like Julie or Jennifer. I told people it was anything but Blythe. Then I took it one step further - I had it legally changed. Headed to Europe one summer, I had it legally changed on my passport to Blake. Fresh from watching the the super 90's movie "Less Than Zero", I thought that name was cooler than cool. Now that I'm older I can't believe how much effort I put into this, I mean, so many people don't even have a middle name.

These are Blythe dolls, a big craze in Japan and now collectors items, and big Ebay finds...wonder if they ever tried to change their name?


Anonymous said...

Wow- for some reason i thought you were a Jade like you mom and i! I had no idea- If it's any consolation Blythe is HUGE with goths and hipsters too! Not just little japanese kawaii girls. =)

I've always hated Melissa. But when i found out it could have been "martha" i was relieved!

amber {daisy chain} said...

M - It would've been a dream to be a Jade along with you & my mom, but Amber Jade may have even been too hippie dippy for my parents.

And Martha?? So not you.

Unknown said...

sorry...jade wasn't in the running, but brook was a close second (but that was too hippy dippy, even for me) i still love blythe, the way it sounds, the way it looks, it's carefree connotation. let's hope ruby loves being 'summer'and not wishing instead for 'spring' or 'autumn'.

Joslyn said...

i love the name was on our list for both our're a lucky lady!

Tonia Conger said...

I think Blythe is a really pretty name. Until I was 16, my legal name was Baby Girl. I only discovered when I went to get my driver's license and it was there on my birth certificate. It's funny how no one ever really likes their name. I think if you can endure it in your teens, you'll love it in your 30s.