Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Terrain {has sprouted}

The founders of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters have a new lovechild ~ Terrain, a gorgeous garden and landscaping emporium filled to the gils with green. There's only one location so far, in Philadelphia, a huge 11 acre garden center and home store. The goal of Terrain is “to transform the local garden center into an experience that celebrates the beauty and abundance of nature while offering an eclectic mix of garden-inspired products tailored for the contemporary customer,” according to a company press release. I'd love to go! If anyone visits, please give me all the moss covered details.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I found it! {on Craigslist}

Sunset magazine was always in my home growing up, I associated it with my parents and their friends, but always found myself taking a peek here and there. And now, I'm a full on fan. If the new issue is on the newsstand and mine hasn't arrived in the mailbox, I'm totally peeved.

Well, now they've even gone up a notch. Sunset has started a new monthly section called "I Found it on Craigslist" featuring furniture makeovers and cool vintage finds. I love this, it's like going to the flea market but without the dusty aisles and price haggling.

made {in the shades}

I've never been one to own nice sunglasses, mostly because I lose each pair approximately 2 weeks after purchase. But, I changed my tune a bit when I saw these brown beauties and bought them on the spot. I knew it was love at first site when I didn't need to go home to "think it over", nor did I do the nervous ho-hum dance at the counter. It was a smooth and deliberate transaction, and I have to say, through these, the world looks a little brighter.

Friday, April 25, 2008

corners I covet {my home}

The sunlight in my bedroom is so pretty in the early morning. I don't have too much color in the room, a bright pillow here and there, I like it very serene, like a little sleep haven. These are the gourds lamps I ended up with (after a month long search), the linen shades look so warm when they're lit up in the evening. The "For Like Ever" poster was a gift from my mom, I think it's cute over the bed, and I haven't heard any complaints from the husband, so it's a keeper!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

today's the day {shoes!}

Those who know me will agree, it takes me a while to make any sort of decision. I'm just not the spur-of the-moment kind of gal, I don't think I got that gene. Case in point: my closet. It needs serious updating, a spring cleaning frenzy, really and then I can start fresh. First things first, though, and that's the shoes. I need new shoes of every style. Pronto.

with legs like these...

If I had legs like these I'd wear short with heels, too! But seriously, do you know anyone who could pull this look off?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

another day at the beach...

Just got this great email blast from J.Crew and it made me long for my past job. I used to work on photoshoots for Smith & Hawken, spending weeks in beautiful homes and lush gardens. The food is always top notch, the people are creative and (usually) great fun to hang out with. There was more manual labor than I ever expected, though, plus the crazy requests, like the night I spent painting a gigantic garden arbor turquoise just to have on hand should they need it as a prop (they didn't). This email made me slightly envious thinking of team J.Crew spending weeks at a gorgeous beach resort, long days of photo work, then warm nights filled with fruity cocktails and retail gossip. Oh, the good 'ol days.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{stephanie+tim} invitations

I finished up these invitations the other night and delivered them to the bride-to-be today. After receiving 2 hugs and a few tears, I've decided that wedding invitations are hands down my favorite type of graphic design. This picture is just a few of the items; there's also a map, reception card, rsvp card and thank you cards. As I'm writing this I should really be working on my next two that are due in about a week (eeek!).

mango pudding {yes, please!}

I've been so crazy busy latey with three invitation jobs back to back, cooking has been the last thing on my mind. Can someone please make this delicious creamy dessert and let me know how it turns out? The salty sweetness of the whipped condensed milk topping looks divine...

Monday, April 21, 2008

fresh {like cut grass}

This top from Banana caught my eye the other day, actually I did one of those over exaggerated double takes, but the point is, I love it! With jeans (maybe even white trousers?) and some cute wedges. And look at those cute little capped sleeves, I mean, come ON.
thank you, Mrs. Preppy for the reminder!

house hunting in Paris {if only!}

So, my husband and I are a wee bit obsessed with the HGTV show House Hunters International. Home hunters and their realtors check out all sorts of architectural styles and work through the details of buying real estate in other countries, and then they choose the home to purchase. It's addicting. This weekend was by far my favorite, about a single woman looking for a flat in Paris, and oh, was it dreamy. The quaint flats sat just above the flower stands, the farmer's market and the vine covered buildings.

Friday, April 18, 2008

wanted: floppy sun hat

I don't just want one of these fabulous floppy sun hats, I need one desperately. The sun is harsh these days and let's face it, I haven't exactly ignored the sun my whole life, just the opposite, I worshipped it. And, now, I repent and I need a hat, but it has to be just right, of course.

corners I covet {my home}

There are certain areas in my home that just make me smile when I walk by. These are the spots that make me feel like I'm home, cozy and warm, that surround me like a big smushy blanket. This little spot is nestled on my fireplace, the painting is my most favorite piece of artwork we own, bought in southern California at a surf gallery in Del Mar. It's titled "Holiday" and is filled with the most relaxing colors and patterns. These tulips just opened last night, I try to get fresh flowers whenever, wherever, it's such a treat. I spend a lot of time by the fireplace, sitting with a magazine or jotting down thoughts for the's just a good place to be. I'll be posting my most coveted corners, every Friday until, of course, I've run out!

the evening ahead {a veggie delight}

My mom and I have a date tonight and we're headed to Ubuntu, an all organic, vegetarian "farm-to-table cuisine". All the vegetables are grown there and there is also a world-class yoga studio on the premesis. My mouth is watering already!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

replace those mirrors

This doesn't seem very "green", but pretty darn clever!
image via photojojo

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

flowers + pottery {whitney smith}

This post is here for a few reasons...
1. because this pottery is bea-u-tiful, the colors, the glaze, the flowers, all so pretty.
2. for my husband, should he take a gander at my blog and decide to buy me a gift for no reason at all, this would be the one.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

wedding wonderful

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing, however...after finding this little wedding inspiration gem, I'm filled with great ideas for summer gatherings and such. So cheery, makes me want to drink lemonade under a shady tree, with a freshly painted pedicure, of course.
image via the finer things

typography calendars {pretty + free}

Typography and flowers are two of my favorite things, so imagine my luck to find Smashing Magazine and their free monthly wallpaper calendar. Lots to choose from, all by different designers, but this one really caught my eye, designed by Vane Kosturanov and titled "Aprilily".

Monday, April 14, 2008

birthday weekend {galore!}

The wild birthday time-of-year has finally arrived, and because the weather has been so pretty, I'm ready! This weekend Ruby had 2 parties, one at the beautiful Batholomew Park Winery, where the kids played with water balloons and climbed in the trees like little monkeys. The next was at a ranch where they rode pony's and visited with all the animals (she gave horseshoes for favors, too cute!). Great friends, spring sunshine and giggling kids = happiness.

springtime munchies {before the movies}

We had some people over this weekend before heading over to the Sonoma Film Festival. I made Crostini Alla Romana, and Tomato, Watermelon, and Basil Skewers. Both were bursting with fresh springtime flavors - they worked so well together, and super easy to pull together while people mingled about. For refreshments, we had Prosecco (Italian champagne) with mango orange nectar, kind of like a Bellini without the peach puree. These tasty appetizers were a total success, so I'll definitely make them again!

Friday, April 11, 2008

happy friday!

The weather is going to be G O R G E O U S this weekend, so open all your windows and enjoy. xo
image: medio images

rooms that inspire!

These rooms are nothing if not inspirational! Just plop me in the center of any of these spaces and I assure you a stream of creativity would magically appear.
images: marie claire maison

Thursday, April 10, 2008

wall decals {yay or nay?}

I keep spotting these sweet wall decals just about everywhere lately. Etsy is a great resource if you're in the market, and Urban Outfitters has a kitchsy little collection, too. Not completely sold on placing stickers on my wall, but the it could add a nice little pop to a blah space. Image from Lewas Design

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

currently rocking my world {billowy fabric}

I've always loved the light and airy look of soft, billowy fabrics. Whether for clothes (flowing billowy tops) or shade (in the garden or patio), it adds just a touch of ethereal beauty, and who doesn't need a smidgen of that every once in a while?
top image from this is glamorous

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

oh, dear Heidi {what has happened?}

What. In the world. Has happened. To poor Heidi Montag's face?! A new episode of the Hills was on last night, and yeah, I do watch it and love it, please don't judge...
So, Heidi used to be this cute, sassy little thing with a slightly crooked nose and teeth. Now, she is literally a mannequin. I feel like it needs to be addressed on the show, like maybe she takes us along for some post-op visits? I think I liked her before the new nose and ginormous breasts, but maybe in the world of reality TV this is just a standard type of thing. I'm guessing in a few years she'll probably look alot like Laurie (from Real Housewives OC).

Monday, April 7, 2008

spring fling!

With the sun shining, picnics,barbeques and birthdays are right around the corner (giddy smiles all around). I've really been loving the look of clustered paper lanterns to decorate an outdoor party, and these, well these are just off the charts G R E A T. Possibly for Ruby's 5th birthday, we;ll see how crafty I'm feeling. Martha has other fun springy ideas popping up on her site, just like this one, right now. Love her.

lazy sunday {with the ladies}

Sunday was a great lazy day. I met up with a bunch of my girlfriends and their kids for some park play-time, mid day latte's and a bit of shopping, strolling and sunning. I love my friends, they are bright, beautiful women that I've known for-like-ever, and I'm very lucky to have them in my life! xo
photo: Susannah, Rosalie, me & Mollee

Thursday, April 3, 2008

keep your address green

This looks like a fun little weekend spring project;
a weather-worn wooden box filled with sheet moss and Irish moss to
announce your street address. It only needs a watering once in a while
and a few spritzes with the spray bottle to stay green and healthy.
Image from Cottage

burlap, sisal & jute {wall coverings}

I've seen this idea used in a few mags lately, accenting one wall or even an entire room with a textured wall covering. In the pic abouvem they've lined the insid eof kitchen shelves with grasscloth and matched one of the kitchen walls with the same. I think the texture adds an eco-chic vibe, and there are a million different shades and fibers to choose from. My only fear is that it may fray and look tattered after a while.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new shop on the block {Haus}

In a small town like Sonoma, when a new shop opens, it's BIG. Haus is full of great clothes, vintage finds, pretty jewelry and fun gifts. If you find yourself in Sonoma, check it out! My friend Jenny is working there, which gives me a reason to stop in more than usual...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my very own {Saint Joseph}

About 8 years ago I took a flight from Florida to New York, I was meeting up with my girlfriends for a week of fun in the city. The flight was turbulent, not ho-hum turbulence, this was way worse. There were piercing screams and people actually fell out of their seats in to the aisles. I panicked, I was cold & sweaty and my heart pounded so hard I swore everyone could see it, and that it may actually beat it's way out of me. Luckily, things calmed down, the captain reassured us, and I was in a state of shock for the next 2 days. I've since been told this was a panic attack, which then turned into a fear of flying, which was a drag since I've always loved to travel.

My friend Amber (yep, same name) gave me these little treasures one year for my birthday for good luck, and I've since taken them with me wherever I travel. They're always in my purse, and sometimes I'll dig in and shuffle them around for some sense of security.

Does anyone else have their very own Saint Joseph (The Saint of Protection)?

little girls {sweet & silly}

Ruby and her friends were hammin' it up the other day. Oh to be four and a half again...
photo of: Mazie, Ruby, Frankie & Lily (the little one!)