Friday, April 18, 2008

corners I covet {my home}

There are certain areas in my home that just make me smile when I walk by. These are the spots that make me feel like I'm home, cozy and warm, that surround me like a big smushy blanket. This little spot is nestled on my fireplace, the painting is my most favorite piece of artwork we own, bought in southern California at a surf gallery in Del Mar. It's titled "Holiday" and is filled with the most relaxing colors and patterns. These tulips just opened last night, I try to get fresh flowers whenever, wherever, it's such a treat. I spend a lot of time by the fireplace, sitting with a magazine or jotting down thoughts for the's just a good place to be. I'll be posting my most coveted corners, every Friday until, of course, I've run out!


Courtney said...

this corner makes me so happy! I, too, would smile each time I walked past. I'm in love with your artwork.

zobars said...

Wow I love that painting and the tulips of course are so beautiful. I am so inspired to have atleast one corner that is so beautiful in my house now. Thanks for inspiring me I will keep visiting for the next post about corners