Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my very own {Saint Joseph}

About 8 years ago I took a flight from Florida to New York, I was meeting up with my girlfriends for a week of fun in the city. The flight was turbulent, not ho-hum turbulence, this was way worse. There were piercing screams and people actually fell out of their seats in to the aisles. I panicked, I was cold & sweaty and my heart pounded so hard I swore everyone could see it, and that it may actually beat it's way out of me. Luckily, things calmed down, the captain reassured us, and I was in a state of shock for the next 2 days. I've since been told this was a panic attack, which then turned into a fear of flying, which was a drag since I've always loved to travel.

My friend Amber (yep, same name) gave me these little treasures one year for my birthday for good luck, and I've since taken them with me wherever I travel. They're always in my purse, and sometimes I'll dig in and shuffle them around for some sense of security.

Does anyone else have their very own Saint Joseph (The Saint of Protection)?


/// said...

Awww, that's so sweet of your friend, yet SO scary for you!!!

My father-in-law sent us a St. Joseph to bury outside our home so that it sells--- haven't tried it out yet, but maybe that's why it hasn't sold! :)

Anonymous said...

My mom gave me her St. Christopher medals--the patron saint of travel. She told me they keep planes in the air. I keep them in my purse at all times. And we're not even close to Catholic.

Unknown said...

I totally forgot I gave you those. I hand picked each of the charms. I think I gave them to you in that short time you and Dave broke up (a million years ago) I'm so happy you cherish them and that they have kept you strong, happy etc. I think each charm had a different meaning.
My grandma gave me a medallion when I was little. She pinned it inside my shirt every morning to protect me. That today is the tattoo on my back.

Tonia Conger said...

I have a shell I picked up on the beach in Seaside. It's the perfect size for my thumb and gives me a sense of security.

Lauren said...

I met these two firemen in San Diego who were from NYC and were at ground zero on sept 11. They gave me this pin that has their fire house number on it, and I take it with me every time I fly. I know, weird, bc who wants to think of sept 11 when they fly, but for some reason I feel comfort knowing that those guys made it out ok.