Friday, June 15, 2007

Skin Trip

If it happens that you're not feeling so summery just yet, you may want to try Skin Trip to transport you directly into sweet summertime. I've been using this lotion forever, and it never fails, people LOVE the smell. It's pure beach, but not too overwhelming, just right. Just try it, you'll see. You can find it at Whole Foods.

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Unknown said...

Skin Trip brings back memories. It was the summer of '68 when a small group of hippie friends from NY rented a house in San Anselmo and it wasn't long before word spread. We came in droves... some for a few weeks, others for a few months, and then there were those who never left. It was then I discovered Skin Trip, a staple in our 'community' bathroom. Much has changed in those 39 years, but Skin Trip is exactly the same...right down to the label! Now that's a great product. Thanks for the memories.