Monday, September 3, 2007

Rosalie & Greg 8.25.07

Friend's, family and even some pets gathered for Rosalie & Greg's backyard wedding last Saturday. The wedding was
just beautiful, magical really, set in their pretty park-like
backyard. The decor was fresh & simple, au natural, just as she had wanted. My
favorite part was watching all the beautiful dresses set against the woodsy
backdrop, Ruby's flower girl dress just glowed. A wonderful time was
had by all.


sara said...

once in a while, a wedding feels perfect. this was one of those times. the bride & groom were glowing (the maid of honor & flower girls were pretty ok too. :) :)

Unknown said...

it was a beautiful backyard wedding, remeniscent of ours 35 years ago... sans the beautiful flower girl and bridesmaid.