Thursday, March 13, 2008

daily findings {live from Kauai}

It's so true, what they say about taking yourself out of your normal surroundings and everything seems to change; the daily routine being number one, sights and new findings being the next. We've been in Kauai for a week now and we are all in full relax mode, meeting people, learning about the island and exploring whenever we can tear ourselves away from the beach. Spending the time with my family has been the best, though, and really a bit funny if you don't know them...but I thought I'd share the moments that make my family, um, unique:
1. My parents, happy fun loving hippies if you will, think nothing of being nude, clothing on vacation is SO 1950's, so we've learned to be in another part of the garden, post showers, to avoid being unknowingly flashed. (I mean, GROSS, they're my parents)
2. My dad, a reader of Time and Popular Science has officially been caught with my US and Star magazines spurting off trivia like "Angelina is having another baby?" and "Is Brit short for Britney? Well, she's pregnant too."
3. I'm not much for sightseeing, so after three Waimea Canyon lookouts, on the fourth & fifth I had Dave take photos and come back to the car to show me, then I'd gauge if it was worth a looksy (I'm getting lazy on vacation).
4. My hair has now taken on a life of it's own in this humidity, even with an investment in a jumbo size frizz-ease. I give in to the curl gods, do what you must.
5. The no wheat, dairy or sugar cleanse is totally in the garbage, but will resume after we get home (there's just too many tempations and my will power is low).


Anonymous said...

Sweet pic of the little wahini. We miss you here (but completely understand if the feeling is not mutual there in paradise).

Megan said...

Amber, glad you're having fun! May I link your blog to my new(!) blog? I had one AGES ago, but it's lost in the interwebs, and you savvy ladybloggers have given me new inspiration!

I would seriously DIE if I found my dad naked, but I will say that I heard about the Bennifer break-up from him first.(He also sometimes watches Oprah, I think).

amber {daisy chain} said...

megan - of course! I'll check out your blog now,it's nice to be able to see what you're up to!

/// said...

Ha, I'm not normally a sightsee-er, either, so wow, I'm SOLD! :)

Ten Thousand Only said...

haaa... LOVE this list. especially #2.