Tuesday, July 1, 2008

raised beds {organic beauty}

I love raised beds in the garden that can be changed out each year - a mix of herbs and veggies are so handy to have around for cooking, too. We have a teeny garden, so we have our herb/veggie garden planted in a large galvanized tub (oval shaped), which I'd love to have lined around the garden, but space is limited. I find myself adding sage, basil and thyme to just about everything I cook now, even on sandwiches and i omelets - mmmm so good. PHOTO BY RICHARD FELBER


Fifi Flowers said...

I love raised gardens... I wish I had a spot for one... sun is an issue for me... and space... I have lots of in the ground plants already... but, I'm going to keep searching garden, maybe I can find room... hmmmmm

Courtney said...

I love this photo! It really inspires me to want one of these ASAP.