Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the sisal hunt is on

I dragged my family all over the Bay Area last weekend in search of the perfect sisal rug for our dining room. There are so many different varieties - color, texture, weave...it was not a quick decision kind of day. We found a great remnant place, but the binding cost as much as the rug. Last night I ordered one online, but without actually touching it first, I'm skeptical of it's quality. I was hoping to find a huge sisal warehouse like an oasis at the end of a long journey, but no luck. 


Amy M. said...

Amber--Let me know if you find a good one!!!

(Crafting by Candlelight)

benson said...

good luck! I ended up going with jute for the softness over sisal...but, you have to see it and feel it to know.

sugamama said...

naturalarearugs.com i just purchased the 8x10 "jewel jute rug". absolutely perfectly satisfied. it has a small diamond pattern giving it a little more texture & formality than the typical ones you see. feels & looks like sisal rather than jute. much better looking than my friend's (she paid $1400) mine was $211 w/the discount. i asked for discount; they sent me 15% coupon code; here in 5 days! wonderful product. i've had several & this is my favorite. it's self bound w/out the tacky border that stains & never comes clean.