Thursday, April 9, 2009

vintage prom dresses

Growing up, my best friend had a trunk filled with vintage prom dresses. Countless weekends and slumber parties were spent trying them on, prancing around, like a teenage fairytale come true. My favorite was a strapless, fluffy yellow tulle & organza number, I can remember running on the beach in it as we pretended we were models for photography class in high school. I'd love to go thrifting and collect a trunkfull for my daughter someday, makes for very sweet memories. image via flickr


Rosalie said...

Yeah! What happened to all those awesome dresses?! I fear they are molding in a trunk in my dad's garage right now. Maybe I should try to save them for Sadie and Ruby....

benson said...

a friend of mine is throwing a 60th birthday party for her mom--the theme is "night at the prom" and they are wearing dresses just like this and (knowing my friend Rhette)I'm sure some that are SO over the top!

thelittledeer said...

ahhh vintage!
vintage vintage vintage.

im opening a vintage ladies clothing store in may... you might want to check that out :)

lovely image by the way :)