Monday, July 6, 2009

the swap soiree!

Years ago I hosted an annual gathering, usually in the super-blah winter months, that I called the Swap Soiree. It was a ladies-only evening, with finger foods and plenty of wine and best of all - presents! Each soiree had a theme, but mainly the concept was to bring a wrapped gift to swap/steal/and leave happy with. These parties rocked, my friends always went out on a limb, while some brought pretty soaps from Anthropolgie, others made decoupaged toilet seats and some brought vintage sex-ed text books. All in all, a rad evening.

Here's my question - what do you do to gather for an evening of all-out girly goodness?
image: me, looking uber excited, at a holiday photo-shoot for restoration hardware (about 5 years ago!)


Anonymous said...

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Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

oh wow, that sounds like such a great idea.. i'd love to try that with my friends!

Melissa Jade said...

sounds so fun! if i had more than one (fairly sucky) friend- i would do a old timey movie night. Especially since our new place has the private theater =/ Old soda pop and yummy kettle corn popcorn. Fun

Rosalie said...

Ah yes, the swap Soiree. Where Susannah and I clawed each other over a mica glass star and ruined all future soirees for ever. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

They were so much fun!