Friday, August 7, 2009

{happy friday!} live from Disneyland

Have a great weekend, everyone! We're still on vacation - we did Disney (all-out!), surprised Ruby with a visit to the American Girl store in LA, had the best day at the Getty Museum and now...we're at the beach. xoxo, amber

update: no, this is not me & the hubby with Ruby - she's with Jasmine & Alladin, of course, and happy as can be.  A super-prego Jasmine would be really funny though...oh, but it might send the wrong message to the 500 adoring kids standing in line!


Petunia Face said...

Oh my god--for a second I thought that was you and Dave all dressed up!

Rosalie said...

Me too! I did too. Freaked me out.
Ruby looks like she is in training to be the Jasmine of 2025.

Amy said...

Oh ok - so I thought it was you too until I read the other comments! Great photo all the same x