Thursday, January 28, 2010

{SPILL it!} petunia face

The lovely Susannah of Petunia Face has spilled her purse for all of us today, but don't worry, peeking in is encouraged! Here's what she can't live without:
papier poudres (carried somewhere on my person since I was 16)

hair stick thingie (may at times be substituted with black rubber band)
leather hippie wallet (bought at not-so-hippie Anthro for a very un-hippie price)
Clean Well all-natural hand sanitizer (the only one I've found that doesn't smell like an alcoholic ass)
glittery compact
moleskin for emergencies of the fashion-victim kind
evidence of my search for the perfect pink/reddish moisturizing lip stuff: rose salve, fresh sugar rose, propoline, (not pictured: 4 others in hidden pocket). But, really, who am I kidding? I always seem to fall back on good ol' cherry chapstick.
cherry throat lozenges mixed with quarters, sand and inexplicably some pesos (because apparently you never know when you might wake up on a Mexican beach with a sore throat and an overdue parking meter)
strange rotating array of kid crap. Pictured today: rubber rat, bird-shaped Rescue Pet, Eloise's Guide to Life: How to Eat, Dress, Travel, Behave & Stay Six Forever!
Thanks, Susannah, but seriously, where are the tampons & snotty tissues?? xoxo


We Blog Artists said...

I'm loving all these spills...makes me feel better about the AMOUNT I have in my purse.
Have a lovely day Amber.

Destination Inspiration said...

rubber rat? Haha, hilerious

I ♥ You said...

this is awesome! what a crazy array of stuff! one time i carried a purse so big and heavy and had no idea why - until i actually found a can of soup in it. we carry the craziest things in our purses, don't we ladies?

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

What a clever idea! Love this. It indulges my inner snoop (I mean...curiosity)...
XX Kate

AppleTree said...

Today out of my purse, I pulled, a diet pepsi, a diet 7up, a Sobe lifewater, a mendota springs water, and a protein bar. No joke.

Cute idea for a post. Found you from Petunia Face of course.

Kaitlynn said...

Hi i LOVE your blog, you have fab style! i'm starting a blog for the online fashion site Sheckys!
Follow if you would like :)

LanguageTimothy said...

I love nosing at peoples bags lol :D

Melissa Jade said...

i must empty the snotty tissues from my bag weekly. Being a subway rider, they just accumulate!

Katherine Lee said...

that would be so terrible if i dumped out my's huge and i'm not even sure what's in it anymore...

xo urban flea :)