Thursday, February 4, 2010

{SPILL it!} urban flea

This week's spill comes from the lovely Katherine of Urban Flea...let's see what she's got here in this oh-so-neatly-organized {SPILL}:
- My little wallet for my massive purse (it was a Christmas gift from my always tasteful parents, hey, better than socks!)
- My vintage Christofle business card holder. It looks pretty beat up, but I feel like a 1920s Wall Street mogul when I'm using it.
- You can't see it very well, but that's my "Smokey Eyes" shadow kit from Benefit.
- My moleskin notebook for jotting down notes and inspiration; I'm not even really sure how many full ones I've got, but I can tell you, there's a whole arsenal of them!
- What's that you ask? Reading glasses! Sad, huh? I'm 24, and already headed down that squinty path.
- My bright red Revlon lipstick. Once again, we're going with the 1920s theme.
- I love my Sonia Kashuk makeup brush. And yes, I may be a bit on the vain side.
- My favorite necklace that I chucked in my purse the other day when I put my scarf on; now it's tangled beyond belief. Let me know if you have any good detangling methods?
- More makeup. I know, I know.
Thank you Katherine - love the smokey eyeshadow & fancy business card holder, totally professional! however, that necklace is going to be a total beeee-otch to detangle... xo, amber


Melissa Jade said...

No shame in having your makeup/grooming supplies in your purse. The shame is applying it on a subway, bus or at the table. =)

bigfeetgirl said...

love to see what people have in their fun