Wednesday, August 4, 2010

patios, pattern & pink!

Can we all just stop, take a moment, and discuss how utterly cute this surfer's patio is?? It seems I'm always drawn to anything modern mixed with vintage - oh, and anything pink!


We Blog Artists said...

absolutely gorgeous...and love even the Jar the marmelade is served in!
Thanks for sharing pure beauty.

MissZuri said...

Yes i must say as em I its like modern meets vintage very cute. Makes me wanna have a seat and drink wine.

samantha ramage said...

just discovered your blog!
it's too cute :) i am now following!
this tablescape is lovely. love peonies, love pink, love it!


Young Sophisticates said...

Love the pink! So fresh, feminine and fabulous!

Unknown said...

just found your blog and i love it! can't wait for more posts!
brittney from

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I saw something similar in an old issue of elle decor...i love pink cheerful!