Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cedros Design District

Near Del Mar is a small town called Solano Beach, home the the very cool shopping street of Cedros Boulevard. It's now become known as the "Design District", the streets
lined with huge warehouses (airplane hangers?) housing modern shops,
art galleries, plant & garden supplies, etc. One shop I couldn't
seem to tear myself from was Solo, their visual merchandising (dare I
say this) actually rivaledAnthropolgie. I took lots of pics because I wanted to remember each unique display. I bought a few goodies here, an ocean painting and a giant piece of sea
coral, but I had my eye on a $500 orange Moroccan leather ottoman that was SO cool, but really too expensive for a big cushion...

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sara said...

once in a while, a wedding feels perfect. this was one of those times. the bride & groom were glowing (the maid of honor & flower girls were pretty ok too :) :)