Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Minnie & Scarlett

Since I don't live in Los Angeles or New York, having a star sighting is still exciting for me and makes me all giddy for the rest of the day. It's the little things, I suppose. So, in the past 3 weeks I've seen Minnie Driver at the market 4 times and once hiking around Mill Valley - don't you think that's odd? I'm guessing she's renting a house here or something like that. Then I get an email from my friend Dave in New York who's had a star spotting of his own - but this is a big one - Scarlett Johansen. This is what he wrote, which just made me completely laugh out loud:
Today I saw Scarlett Johanson at my local Whole Foods. She was buying fruit and was wearing a white dress and flip flops. I was also purchasing fruit. I could tell she totally wanted to go out with me and be with me and stay with me forever as her life partner, but I showed her my basket which was filled with diapers and organic children's snacks and she realized I could never be her forever life partner.


Unknown said...

that's a great fantasy, dave... i laughed out loud too. so what's up with minnie? did she finally figure out you don't really have to live in la when you're already a star. or maybe they're getting ready to shoot the second season of 'the riches' in mv??? stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

I do miss Dave Glassman stories via Rosalie. He cracks me up!