Monday, January 28, 2008

channeling my inner yellow

The sun is shining, and my love for the color yellow is exploding today. I keep coming accross the most beautiful burst of yellow: furniture, accents, wall art, fabric. I've put together a bit of yellow to inspire you all, enjoy!

lamp & bowl, print, pitcher, table, shoes


Anonymous said...

Great finds! I love the color yellow right now too. Did you see this yellow apron at Anthropologie.

Stacie Frazier - Haute Shots said...

I have been noticing this trend lately also! I'm really excited too, because I recently changed the colors on my blog to feature a bright shade of yellow and can now find all kinds of cute office/desk supplies etc. that matches it perfectly. Sheesh..I'm such a nerd!

Russell + Hazel has some cute new products that feature a nice hue of yellow in their new Office Max line....