Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Four or Fourteen?!

No, I haven't gone mom-blog on you, but I had to share this. I was organizing my digital photos when I came across this one of my daughter, Ruby, from only 2 months ago, taken in Mexico. She is four, but somehow looks about fourteen and it's freaking me out. I'm not sure if it's the pose, the mini-skirt or what, but I'm baffled. Does it really happen this fast?!


Stacie Frazier - Haute Shots said...

What a beauty! She looks happy..comfortable in her own skin...wise beyond her years. They do grow up so fast though, don't they?

Rosalie said...

She looks like a sweet little munchkin to me.
I doubt any fourteen year old would smile that sweetly--at least I wouldn't have when I was 14!!

Unknown said...

maybe it's the tequilla they put in those popsicles. 'actually', (to quote a certain someone) it does happen that fast. it was just 30 years ago when you were licken a pop and lookin all sassy. well, it's deja vous for me... and i'm lovin it.