Friday, March 14, 2008

overheard {live from Kauai}

Ruby met a little girl, visiting from Idaho, and spent a good 3 hours giggling, building castles, pretending to be fairies, the usual 4 year old stuff. And then they set up right in front of me while I lay reading "Eat Pray Love", and I couldn't help but overhear the funniest, most innocent words. It just struck me as such a conversation of the times. Here's how it went down (picture over exaggerated hand motions along with each question):

Little Girl: Do you have a dad?
Ruby: yeah.
LG: well where is he?
Ruby: surfing in the ocean
LG: oh. that's not my mom (pointing to lady with her dad)
Ruby: oh. who's that lady by your dad?
LG: my dad's wife. did you see that butterfly? Let's chase it!
Ruby: ok, but I saw this one already this morning.
LG: the SAME one?! Have you ever been to Hollywood?
Ruby: oh yeah! I think so. maybe. yes.
LG: want to dig our toes so hard into the sand?
Ruby: YES!! Bye mom.

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Ten Thousand Only said...

i'm reading that book too, actually picked it up in india while i was there a few weeks ago. how do you like it so far? truth be told, italy was my favorite (food!!!) and she's losing me with the rest.