Thursday, October 4, 2007

currently rocking my world

Isn't there always something rocking our world? I hope so. I love this new segment of my blog (not to toot my horn by any means) but I find myself so inspired by various objects in daily life that I really look forward to sharing with you.
Fiore Del Mar Table Lamp - let's out pretty warm light
Floor Pillows - a nice alternative and great textiles make all the difference
Harvest Colors - burnt ornages, deep reds and yellows, so autumn!
This Scarf - very flowy, very Fall, very good.


Anonymous said...

Oooh. That scarf is perfect.

Calie Durant said...

This lamp from Gaiam is very similar to the Fiore lamp. A bit more pricey, but funny that they are so similar.

groovies20 said...

can u put something that really suit for a wooden house..modern wooden house..i've been dreamingb to have it one day and would like to decorate it nicely in an antic way