Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tag, I'm It! {green style}

Well I've been tagged. Can't say I know what it means, but I'll just play by the rules of my tagger, ten thousand only. I've been asked to provide 3 ways in which I am trying to minimize my impact on the environment. I wish I could say something profound here about my utter dedication to personally saving the environment, but the truth is, I just do what I can. So, here goes:
1. I bring my trusty green bag to Whole Food with me so that I don't need paper or plastic.
2. At the office, instead of throwing away all the paper wasted on big poster jobs, I bring it to Ruby's school for murals, they love it.
3. I ride my bike to the market (when it's not pouring rain) to save on fuel.


Anonymous said...

we bring our own bags to the grocery store, we stopped drinking botted water (we got a Britta), and we started using cloth napkins. At work a always have a pretty cloth napkin and I bring real sliverware. It makes a rushed lunch more of a dining experience.

Michelle said...

Heehee, i take boxes to the farmer's market, and feel like a dork! I love your photo here :)