Sunday, November 25, 2007

happy birthday, dad

Today my dad turns 60, and while he's off frolicking on the island of Bon Air to celebrate, I'm celebrating the gifts he's given to me.

I've inherited some pretty obvious traits from my dad; his dark hair and
olive skin, his gift of gab, his ability to tell a blah story in an overly
zealous tone, his love for travel in the tropics, but most of all, his
undeniable zest for life.

My dad has taught me, not in so many words but in actions, that love is in life's little details; the warm egg muffin waiting for me after 2 hours of morning traffic, teaching Ruby her numbers each week, and baking a big spanikopita when things feel bleak.

My dad teaches me to love life and to do the right thing, and I'll pass this on to my daughter. Thank you, dad.

Happy Birthday


Unknown said...

that made me cry. you did pick up a lot from your dad and you are very lucky to have great parents but no one comes close to Don's gift to gab!

Don Drotman said...

Dear Amber,For my 60th birthday I planned to be in a remote tropical underwater botanical garden.My trip
paled in comparisson with your wonderful birthday blog. I am so happy I was able to give you the important things. I know you will give them to Ruby. Today I am
60+ and I have so much to be thankfull for. I love you and the happy family you have created.
Today I now know this is as good as it gets. Love Dad