Thursday, November 1, 2007

Holiday Dress Options {a preview}

The Holidays are fast approaching, which means cocktail parties, soiree's
and warm gatherings with friends. It also signals the "dress bug" to
come out of hiding. You know the dress bug, she's the one in your ear
that won't let you wear the same dress twice (even if you justified the
dress price with the amount of wearable events). Here are some
preliminary picks - I say this because without a doubt, I know there
will be more...
• green dress
• black strapless dress
• black flowy dress
• black pattern dress


Kelly said...

oh my gosh - i'm in LOVE with the green cocktail dress!!! I may need to pick this one up...

Anonymous said...

Dibs on the patterned one!

Unknown said...

at those prices, you can get one in each color... gotta love forever 21