Monday, June 23, 2008

I blew it {a carbfest weekend}

I blew it big time, my wheat-free, sugar-free "cleanse" went out the window this weekend. From the big burrito on the beach, to the delicious grown up-mac 'n cheese last night at The Fig Cafe (it was SO worth it). It's back on, of course, but weekends are hard and my self control is almost non existent...what to do?
If you feel like really going for it, here's a great recipe.


Philly said...

yummmmm, now you are talkin' my language!!! and do you know you can eat all the mac 'n cheese you want, as long as u wash it down with a diet coke!

Sarah said...

That look's so yummy! I absolutely love Barefoot Contessa, she's my favorite food network star!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I have another blog to add to my daily read list!! ;)

benson said...

I have actually made this recipe...perfect on a crisp, fall day...and SO yummy!

Brooke Meyenberg said...

The boy and I could demolish that bad boy guilt free. It's still fall in Seattle and the beach is only in pictures!

That's just what the doctor ordered to cure the winter blues. Perfect!

Lyndsy said...

I have made the Barefoot Contessa version and it was a huge hit! I heart a good bowl of mac and cheese!