Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tales from the trailer {Malibu}

Malibu is everything beautiful & pristine - and then some. Our campsite is huge, shaded with an umbrella-like tree that also blocks out the winds. Tiny squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies run freely through, some even sit at the picnic table with us in the morning. We walked to the beach this morning for some great shell collecting and a bit of yoga, all as the morning sun warmed us up. The strep throat is slowly fading, we're trying to use the mind-over-matter trick to make it disappear. Ruby loves camping more than anything; upon arriving at each site, she locates the water spigot and the bathroom, then introduces herself to the neighbors. Oh, and she doesn't want this to end, she wants to keep on going. She's such a free-spirit, like a little wandering gypsy. I'm headed to Starbucks for some type of smoothie and hopefully some star spotting. Next stop -Del Mar! xo


jora said...

Malibu sounds lovely! Glad to hear you are getting past your sickness... Maybe we'll see you in Del Mar as we are San Diegans! You must be camping in San Elijo?

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

oh how i adore must go to planet blue and madison to shop! they're at the country mart and well worth it!

Unknown said...

oh just looking at that beautiful beach scene and your lovely silouette stretch just puts my body in a virtual state of bliss. enjoy every moment and give our regards to les artiste.
love & miss you all,
mom & dad

Anonymous said...

Hello you three

I hope you are feeling better and the antibiotics are kicking in. The pics are lovely and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. Love to you all!

Fairy Godmother