Monday, October 6, 2008

girly goodness {the beauty bash}

I truly love being a girl. A few months back, after having my brows waxed at Benefit, I entered to win a "Beauty Bash" for me and 10 friends. As luck would have it - I WON! So, Saturday night was the ultimate girls night out, we met early for shopping and dinner, then off to Benefit to get beautified. We all had our brows waxed or lashes tinted, followed by a makeover, all the while oohing and ahhing over how glamorous we had been made to look. Early 90's Madonna blasted in the background while they served up wine, bubbly, cheeses and chocolates. We giggled and relished our time together. It was similar to a scene from the Broadway play "Legally Blonde" though we didn't break into song, but you can picture it, right? Image: here we are with our make up (and goody bags, too!): from left Sara, Me, the other Amber, Lyla, Yoli, preggy Mollee, Rosalie. Front: Jenny & Susannah (Petunia Face).


Anonymous said...

So fun! Sounds like it was a blast. And you all look beautiful!

I ♥ You said...

what a fun group!!!

Petunia Face said...

Thanks again for the Glam-Girlie Night! Please win something again soon because that was too much fun!

p.s. if you're taking requests--please win a massage because I really need one of those.

Rosalie said...

Oooh, no, please win a vacation! An all expense paid vacation where you can only bring your girlfriends.

Tonia Conger said...

what a fun girl's bash! I've dreamt of hosting this kind of bash for family and friends but it always cost so much. this is definitely the way to do it!