Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rachel Zoe {I die!}

Yes, I did a little happy dance last night when I saw The Rachel Zoe Project was on my trusty Tivo list. This show rocks my world - it's fashion-packed goodness with drama and shopping added for good measure. She works hard and shops hard, but the poor girl needs more helping hands (like mine, for instance), I'd organize those beautiful frocks right up. My only issue is that cute, punky, glam-ess Taylor, I just don't think she enjoys her job and thrives on seeing others fail. She makes me mad. How could you be so uptight when you're surrounded by gorgeous silk tulle, vintage Missoni dresses, and the latest-greatest Zac Posen's hanging within arms reach?? 


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

love the clothes on the show, but i have to watch it on mute because i can't stand all the ridiculous drama!

SGM said...

This: "I just don't think she enjoys her job and thrives on seeing others fail"
is the perfect one sentence summation of Tay.

Love RZ. Die, die, die.

benson said...

Oh. My. God.
love the show--totally agree that Tay is a pain in the rear and we love,love, love Brad.

I ♥ You said...

i don't think taylor truly appreciates her role on Team Zoe. Without Rachel she would be nothing. ANd I can't get over how she talks to her sometimes! Rachel is a control freak but she is never mean to her staff. but yes, i love the clothes and think she has the best taste. i wish she would wear less make up though!!! it is always so heavy!!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Taylor scares me!!! She is so mean "Brad is too optimistic." I think he just enjoys what he does and is appreciative. I think you could do a much better job! :)

Nicole Marie said...

"shut it down"
love this show. it makes me want to go shopping everytime i finish watching it.
loving your blog

Anonymous said...

i figure RZ hired Taylor because she's just competent enough to do the job, but poses no real threat to Rachel in terms of taking over or outshining her. Smart move on RZ's part. I also caught myself saying "bananas" the other day...what can i say, i love that show!