Monday, November 2, 2009

burlap lighting

I don't think burlap gets the respect it deserves - it's all rugged + rustic, but can also look refined without looking stodgy. When lit, it casts a dreamy autumn glow that warms a home right up. There's a custom-made rectangular chandelier in Coastal Living this month that I can't stop dreaming about, and I'd love to find something similar for our dining room for under $300...any suggestions?


Brandi said...

Perhaps a DIY project? I'm sure you could find some thick wire, bend it and then attach the burlap to it. It'd probably be a bunch of work but in the end you'd have a perfectly customized chandelier.

Lindsey said...

Why does burlap have to be so itchy...I could wear that pretty organic stuff everywhere if it only felt like cotton.

Sara A said...

I would say get an old lampshade or one from Ikea and rip out the old fabric. Then go back over with the burlap and liquid seaming. If you want to go even cooler you could attach pressed flowers to the lampshade.

We Blog Artists said...

MAKE it!
How difficult can it be?
I know time is a huge factor though...right?
Good luck!

Jaime said...

i LOVE these burlap lamps. i might have to try to make some.

Janette Mallory Interior Design, Inc said...

I love the burlap Chandeliers!!!! I am trying desperately to find some for my shop. Let me know if you have a source. xoxo