Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{wish*list} wednesday

This printmaker's sideboard is quite possibly the coolest piece of furniture I've seen in years and I have to have it (I've measured and it will fit my entry hallway just right). It's one of those pieces I long to find at a flea market but know that someone who came at 4am would already have hauled it off.
oh. my. This candle smells like pure heaven, like a sun-filled home with wet beach towels hanging to dry. I need it...I really do.Spreegirl hipster-undies just look so sweet & sexy - they come in the best patterns, and I never say no to a ruffle.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!??!? Spreegirl!!! i've never heard of them before?? i must have them. thank you for sharing.
xo, katie

Brandi said...

The printmaker's sideboard is perfect. I'm amazed by those people who have the willpower to wake at 3am to get the good sales.

And I too am in awe of the undies.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

I found you thru EmilyStyle and have to ask: how did you read my mind and write this blog. You're chock full of lustful goodies. I'm looking forward to following you! And good luck with your baby!

Default said...

oh my i want those panties!!!!!!!! hahaha i absolutely adore them!! so perfect!!!