Thursday, November 8, 2007

fresh scents

I'm not a huge perfume gal, in fact, I stick to oils mostly - Tuberose
and Cucumber being my go-to scents. The heavy alcohol smell of those
fancy department store perfumes has always made me a little queasy (and
sneezy at that!). Dave bought me Pacifica in Tahitian Gardenia, and I love it - no alcohol because it's all natural grains. I also told 2 of my
best friends I would buy these for their birthdays' and now I can't remember which scent they liked (ahem...R? S? a little help here?). And of course that beautiful packaging, can't get enough of that!


Anonymous said...

Tee hee hee. Now I'm not ASSUMING I am the correct S here, but IF I was, I would have to tell you I forgot which scent it was. Maybe we need to take yet another trek to Anthro? Or maybe I trust you and your nose. That is, IF I am the correct S.

Kelly said...

They also have amazing candles...I recommend the Blood Orange!

Anonymous said...

I am assuming I am the correct R because Ruby is too young to be wearing perfume that doesn't come with sparkles and Strawberry Shortcake logo and I can't think of any other R.....
I by the way have not forgotten which scent I loved: NEROLI (Orange Blossome) Yum.

Calie Durant said...

Happy Friday. What Tuberose oil do you use? Being a Hawaii girl, tuberose is my favorite smell on the planet. I buy the flowers as often as I can just to make our cold SF Victorian feel like Hawaii. I wear the Marc Jacobs perfume, but have to agree with you that the alcohol in it is annoying.

amber {daisy chain} said...

Calie - it is so tropical! I use Tuberose oil from Body Time, a shop in Marin that has been around since I was little.

R - yes, it's you.

S - yes, it's you, too.

Anonymous said...

I still wear Body Time tuberose too. Nothing beats it.