Monday, November 19, 2007

m e x i c o

Just returned last night, and I can't seem to get that super-seventies James Taylor song "Mexico" out of my head, you know the one, "...ohhhh, Mex-i-co...", yeah that's the one. What a fabulous adventure we had - some of the highlights being our rad house we rented (the ultimatecasita ), our amazing chef Alicia and her husband Don (they really made our trip special), daily trips to the beach for surfing and sunshine, papaya margaritas, and watching the stars from the rooftop with our great friends Bryan & Jenny. The town is so charming, old brick buildings covered in vines and bougainvillea, and each topped with a saint for protection - Todos Santos means "all saints".

If you do plan a trip to Todos Santos, and would like a private chef who is SO reasonably priced, I highly recommend contacting Alicia (email me for her info). She owns Cafe D'licia, a sweet little cafe set in a tropical paradise of banana palms and bamboo. Sign are very unassuming in this town, so you'd miss it if you blinked, but the town is small
and anyone will tell you it's the best. Her specialties include homemade mango cinnamon bread, shrimp chile rellenos, blue corn tamales, and salsa fresca from heaven...just to name but a few of the meals we dined on. She came right to our home, became one with the kitchen and worked her magic every night. Such a blessing when you have kids, no joke. Sound good? What are you waiting for - book your trip!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home senora! It is not a shock to hear what a fabulous time you had in Ohhhh, Me-xico!I can not wait to hear all about it when we return home!
Lots of Love,

Unknown said...

great picture preview (especially those 2 cuties)... can't wait for the full length feature.

Anonymous said...

Would love the accomodation referral! Never been to baja and would love to see something so authentic.