Friday, November 23, 2007

'twas a turkey day feast!

Last night was such a feast, and so wonderful to share it with our families & friends. Ruby & I got pretty crafty with the table settings, she found the leaves and twigs and we got to work putting them all together. I used burlap as table cloths, which looked kind of rustic against my fancy dishes. All in all, a very tasty evening and so glad we have a day of rest ahead of us!


Unknown said...

fabulous food, fantastic decor, fun times with family... kudos to you & dave for hosting this wonderful holiday and making it look SO easy. we are forever greatful for YOU. Love & kisses from San Juan Airport (where everything on your blog, except for what you write, is in spanish)... o'le

Anonymous said...

=0 where did you get your dishes from! those are exactly what i want my "fancy" dishes to look like!

amber {daisy chain} said...

Hey M!
I actually returned my wedding china to get these instead - I bought them in Sonoma, I'll try and get you the brand name, they're French (ooh la la!).

NinaL said...

your plates look amazing...when can I be invited to one of your fantabulous soirees?? What do I have to do???

Sarah Dennis said...

Ahhhh Amber thanks for sharing! I absolutely love your plates. You mentioned that you got them in Sonoma, what's the brand? They're fabulous! I love the fact that they're not "cookie cutter", you know, like everybody else.

You put your own unique touch on your table setting and the details made all the difference. I'm sure your friends and family were blown away.

"Cheers to the well-dressed table"!!! Sarah