Thursday, June 19, 2008

please meet Sienna {my new bag}

I just now ordered this Kooba Sienna bag in cream,
and I think we'll be very happy together. Sienna is like my summer
fling; we'll go out to dinner together, maybe watch a few sunsets on
the beach, surely go out on the town in the city, and we might just end
up at a museum or two -something cultural for sure. I am counting the
days until it arrives...and I have a feeling there will be high pitched
happiness squeals as I'm opening the box!


Aubrey jeanne said...

Nice choice sugar...interested in trading dates one evening or afternoon stroll?!

amber said...

Aubrey - glad you like it - your Marc Jabobs was my inspiration! I'll have to check with Sienna about an evening out with someone else, she may not be ready....xo

Kelly said...

i love it! the little details just make it better

bakingwithplath said...

Gorgeous bag!

cyndi & lee said...

Love it!b

Emily said...

so, what, like maybe by next year you'll be over her and i'll get to date her?