Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer reading {the list}

Summer reading is all about dreamy, carefree writing about women finding their way and happy endings - I save the heavy stuff for Fall and Winter. Here's my list of beach/vacation/lazy Sunday reads for this Summer:
Girls In Trucks
I Was Told There'd Be Cake
Chasing Harry Winston
Certain Girls
Love The One You're With
Belong To Me


Anonymous said...

you just made my day.
I was about out of books to read and wanted some fun ones to get from the library.

Love everything you chose!


Sarah said...

Summer reading is the BEST! You've got a good list going! Although I have to tell you I've been seeing some bad reviews for Love the One Your With....loved her Something Borrowed and Something Blue though!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Looks like a great list! There's nothing better than reading on a nice summer day.

franki durbin said...

I just saw the promo for Whacked... must read it as well. Didn't Jules write this?

Confession: I just started reading chick-lit and chick novels last summer and am hooked. Great summer reading.

I'm off to check out your list in more detail... ;)

Megan said...

I just polished off the new David Sedaris book, it was fun, as always. I'm totally gonna check out some of the books on your list...

Fifi Flowers said...

Summer Reading FUN! Love that book cover and that dress!

amber {daisy chain} said...

sunny - I hope you find a good one in the bunch!
sarah - I also (surprisingly) loved Something Borrowed & Something Blue, I'm going to have to read this one just out of curriosity.
franki - yeah, Jules Asner (ex E news host) wrote it, chock full of dirt, can't wait!

AshleyL. said...

those books are look wonderful! i just finished Kite Runner. though its not as free and happy its incredible. i highly recommend it once you finish with the ones on your list! i just love summer reading! :)

Unknown said...

Looks like a great set of books. I am going to have to check it out!

Suburban prep said...

I am reading some of these as well. They are on the bed side.

cassandra said...

you and i should have our own book club because your list is almost exactly the same as mine!! i'll have to check out the ones i don't know, since you OBVIOUSLY have good taste! ;)