Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nightstand Dilemma {please help}

Our guest room/office is just about complete. A while back I did a post showing the Domino cover (of Ione Skye) in the room that I have been trying to copy (or at least somewhat emulate, not copy exactly, of course). I'm having some trouble finding just the right nightstand/side table, though. The one pictured is modern and cool in green, any ideas where I can find something like this? I found similar lines, but it's a white, on


Barb McMahon and Alan Mailloux said...

If you've found the shape you like, you could paint it.

Anonymous said...

i thought of you + your table conundrum today. was at zinc details in the city and saw this table:

it's low like your bed and you can choose different base/tray colors combos.

Calie Durant said...

I'd hit the Alameda Flea Market (first Sunday of every month). Find a mid-century piece at a fraction of the cost and paint or stain it green. Benjamin Moore has some great wood paints. If the piece has the wrong hardware, check out eBay or you may even luck out at the flea market.