Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tales from the trailer {Strep!}

We've hit a slight glitch on our road trip, Dave & I both have strep throat! Luckily, Ruby has been spared, and we're now fully into the first couple days of anti-biotics, so things are lookin' up. After spending an entire day in a Santa Barbara ER, Dave hooked up to an IV for hours on end, we opted out of the campground for a night and got a pretty Spanish-style hotel room with an ultra comfy bed. Camping and strep throat do not mix. Actually, nothing mixes with strept throat, my throat is covered in tiny white barnacle-looking things and I sound like I have a mouth full of marbles. Food? Not so much. Sleep? Most definitely not. Keeping a smiley can-do attitude? I'm really trying....but I swear it's hard.


Megan said...

Strep is THE WORST. That's why I had my tonsils out, 4+ times a year going on into my twenties cured me of it. One of the best decisions I ever made. So glad that you guys are on the mend, but all day in the ER on an IV? Dave must have had a particularly nasty case... Poor guy, so glad to hear that the ABX are working.

Rosalie said...

Holy Cow! How awful. I hope the meds are kicking in.
There is nothing worse than a IV. You guys are serious troopers.

Courtney said...

I, too, hope the meds are kicking in! Your Malibu stop sounds so amazing and I'm with Ruby...keep on truckin'! What an amazing trip.

Anonymous said...

oh man! get well soon! jason got that so much when he was young- i never did though. Keep your chins up- traveling joy will prevail =)