Friday, August 8, 2008

gramercy park {our NYC digs}

We rented a friend's apartment in Gramercy Park, which was a swanky location with our own key to the (otherwise locked) park. Located in the historic National Arts Club building, an opulent gathering place for all things that embrace the arts - the walls were just oozing with stories from the past.
Some noteworthy events that happened while staying here:
• Ruby and I got stuck in the building's ancient elevator for half an hour, while a high pitched alarm rang in our ears, no air, and waves of extreme panic. It was. Not. Good.
• We had drinks in the newly designed "haute bohemian" Gramercy Park Hotel, (image above) where Dave thought I was crazy for ordering a $20 lemon drop, but I chalked it up to the experience.
• We think we may have seen a ghost (just a hunch, but still...)


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Your trip sounds like it was really fun. Meeting Diddy and a ghost?! What a trip!

southern daze said...

How fun! I've drooled over pictures of the Gramercy Park Hotel for awhile now and was bummed we didn't have a chance to see it while visiting NYC in January. If it makes you feel better, I would have paid $20 for the lemon drop as well. Unfortunately, "experiences" in NYC don't come cheap.

So glad you had fun! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Megan said...

Wow, sounds wonderful.