Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Eternal Sunshine

I've finally found the dress I'm wearing to Rosalie's wedding! I had one stipulation from the bride though, that the dress had to be yellow (which was fine by me since I adore all things yellow). The search has been long (there are SO many shades of yellow out there right now), and it was starting to get down to the wire, but I'm so happy with the final choice. It's from J. Crew and was on sale! Emily from Emilystyle gave me so many great hints - thank you! And I even had my friends working as personal shoppers to find the perfect yellow dress. Now shoes & accessories are next - any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I ordered a dress from the J Crew sales dresses too. Mine is Tangerine of course because that's what the bride wants. It's shaped the same but the pleats are inverted. It's made of cotton cady. We'll be like real bride's maids

Unknown said...

it's really nice... can't wait to see you in it.