Sunday, August 12, 2007

frolicking fairies

What could be better than a Fairy Birthday Party?
When you're turning 4, this pretty much tops the list! Ruby's friend Bella Rose
turned 4 yesterday and had a super crafty, fairy party in the park. All
the little girls arrived with their wings on, and then made magic
wands, flower headbands and treasure boxes. Well done Yoli & Michael! Oh to be 4 again...


zobars said...

Hey Amber that cake looks so good can you give me an idea whether they made the cake at home or did they order it. The girls looks so good as fairies. My daughter will turn 4 in a few months and I want to do that with her friends.

Unknown said...

the cake was a definate was the first thing ruby described about the party (of course) making sure i new it was 3 cakes put together. great theme for a girls party at any age.

amber {daisy chain} said...

The cake was homemade, 3 layers of chocolate cake with a raspberry jam layer in btween each. All the fairies loved it! She also stuck in little butterflies on wires.