Tuesday, August 14, 2007

{inspired by} the color green

Lately, it's everywhere I look. Green is fresh and healthy and represents "new beginnings" to me. The cover of Saveur is a big ripe avocado. The silky dress in the window at Anthropologie is green. And, let's not forget, the new Sarah Jessica Parker perfume "Covet" comes in a lovely green bottle. Go green!


Anonymous said...

Green might be your color. You should check out the book called " Colorstrology" by Michele Bernhardt. It tells you what color you should wear or surround yourself with. My birthday is June 5 so my color is pantone color no. 15-6120 and it's Greeeen! One of my all time favorite colors.

Unknown said...

green is your heart chakra... OM


I LOVE the new SJP fragrance. I tried it last week at Macy's and just fell in love with it.

Green is one of my favorite colors too...particularly spring green (bright and happy but not neon). I currently have 2 rooms in my house painted green (my daughter's is spring, and my kitchen is avocado), my bathroom is decorated in royal blue and lime and my bedroom is decorated in chocolate brown, light blue and lime green. :) LOVE green!