Friday, February 15, 2008

dinner idea {lentil soup}

Friday nights are all about easy, simple meals for us. We like to have dinner, some wine, and watch a movie before our weekly woes catch up, leaving one of us catching flies on the sofa. Tonight I'm going with lentil soup and warm, crusty bread. This recipe looks hearty, and it's so so healthy. Mmmm. Happy Friday!


Maggie Sumner said...

I made lentils the other night in the slow cooker before we went out for a freezing ice skating adventure. What a pleasure it was later to come home to a yummy, hot meal. And lentils are so tasty and easy to make. Not to mention fiberlicious!

Your pic is making my mouth water.

amber {daisy chain} said...

maggie - I'll have to try the slow cooker method, sounds great to come home to food ready to go. The soup turned out so tasty, I had it again for lunch...but I may have to stop (fiberlicious is right!).