Tuesday, February 26, 2008

no wheat, no dairy, no sugar {no fun}

Dave and decided it was time to do a cleanse before we depart for Kauai in 2 weeks. I've done these before, and boy do they work! My skin clears, I shed a few pounds and everything seems just a bit brighter. We're only a day in, and it the one thing we notice is how much being on a cleanse makes us think about food. I haven't quite figured out breakfasts, but lunches have been soup and veggies, and dinners are grilled fish or chicken, and a salad chock full of nutritious goodies. If anyone has any tips, please share! There are some great blogs and websites just for this type of cleanse, so that's been really helpful. Now if I can only escape those ever-abundant pesky office sweets, I should make it through ok.


NinaL said...

I could care less about the cleanse. Whats up with your never ending stream of tropical vacations? I'm so jealous. I couldnt go to Kaui when I HAD a job, and now that I've quit it seems like a pipe dream...(no pun intended)

amber {daisy chain} said...

Nina (rio ramone), it's not as constant as we'd like it to be, but now with the tent trailer in tow we'll be stopping in on you guys in SLO a bit more! And, I didn't know you quit! email me...xo

Unknown said...

Smoothies? Soy milk, ice cubes or frozen fruit, fresh banana, orange juice and Super Green Food Blend from Whole Foods. It's a green powder full of good stuff, antioxidants, chlorophyll etc. It helps aid liver detoxifacation and stimulates immunity. Ask for it in the vitamin section.