Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Giada {the whole package, in person}

I'd like to say that I spend my evenings painstakingly cooking from the French Laundry cookbook, and that my kitchen is stocked with each rare and hard to find ingredient listed, but truthfully, if I use a recipe it's usually by Giada de Laurentis. I Tivo her show Everyday Italian and love to watch her create simple Italian-inspired meals in about 30 minutes. She's fun, she's cute, and she her husband is a designer for Anthropologie so her clothes always rock.
Anyhoo...she'll be at the Crate & Barrel in SF this Tueday & Wednesday for book signing and cooking demo. I may take a long lunch tomorrow and head over (and not to be a stalker, I swear).

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Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOVE Giada! Kristina and Mom think she's annoying but Bryan and I are too smitten/jealous. I wish i had that face and those talents =)